Archery Maine State Record Moose
Fall Moose Hunt
The OAC team was responsible for taking the state record Bull Moose with a bow. We will be by your side on a mission to take the largest member of the deer family. Scouting and advanced calling skills are the abilities that will put that bull of a lifetime in your sights. If you are looking to ride the roads and shoot over the hood, call someone else. We strive to make this a true "hunt." OAC staff guides will work with you to get in position to call and ambush your trophy moose. You waited a long time for the permit, make it worth the persistence. Upon your successful hunt, we will be responsible to get the animal out of the woods and if you would like we can arrange to cape and butcher the animal for an additional fee. Our focus is personal attention and individual accommodation. If you would like to be filmed by a friend or family member for the hunt, we can accommodate this. We want your quest to be memorable. So book early and come "Experience Success."

To apply for a permit online click here.

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