If its big bears you want, its big bears we get.
We will deliver you to the stand and return to get you when legal light fades. OAC will provide tree stands or the hounds. You will stay at our new Central Maine base lodge in Sebec Maine or one of our remote camps north of Moosehead. When the hunter is successful, we will be responsible to get the animal out and to your desired location to be caped and butchered. Bait hunts are conducted the first two weeks of the season and bait and hound hunts are conducted the last 2 weeks. We only run 6 to 9 hunters per week. You will receive personal attention and individual accommodation. If you would like to be filmed by a friend or family member for the hunt, we can accommodate this. This is the advantage of booking with the OAC; you are treated as a valuable commodity. We want your quest to be memorable. So book early and come “Experience Success."

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