Deven with one of his big Maine bucks.

Deven Morrill

Deven currently resides in Gorham, Maine where he lives with his wife Melissa and their son Colby. He grew up in the heart of the western mountains of Maine where he learned the art of the outdoors from his grandfather. From the time Deven was young enough to walk he was in the outdoors. Deven currently works for a tree company in Portland Maine as a consulting Arborist.

When not working he can be found fishing many of the rivers and lakes throughout Maine. When the fall finally comes Deven will be on the track of a big Maine buck, scouting for moose or black bear. His perfect day is a day spent in the woods traveling long miles waiting for the chance to take the monster buck he has been tracking.

Deven has hunted all along the east coast and Canada for trophy moose, turkeys, bear, and whitetails. A licensed Registered Maine Guide for Hunting, Fishing, and Recreation. He is also a member of the biggest bucks of Maine and the New Hampshire over 200lb club. His passion is in sharing the outdoors with others and meeting wonderful people along the way.

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